Ingenious! Light bulb using a water bottle

Hats off to the creator of this ingenious”light bulb” which is helping out a lot people in this village!


Ecological competition: collection of plastic bottles at Loreto College Rose-Hill

For the second year running, AMORIS Environnement Ltd. has held a school competition to collect plastic bottles.  This year, the competition was sponsored by SOFAP, manufacturer  of ISO 140001 certified paint in Mauritius.

The students of Loreto College Rose-Hill engaged in a hunt for recyclable plastic waste, collecting more than 19,445 plastic bottles in one month! These were then handed over to AMORIS Environment Ltd., who will liaise with their partners for the recycling of the bottles.

The 19,445 bottles, laid end-to-end,  would create a 6 km long line of plastic bottles!

I say WELL DONE to the students/staff/parents of students at Loreto College Rose-Hill, and to AMORIS Environnement Ltd. & SOFAP for this great initiative!