Beautiful earth and stone structures at the School of Visual Arts of Oaxaca (Mexico)

Image copyright, Luis Gordoa

The School of Visual Arts of Oaxaca was developed at the request of the artistFrancisco Toledo, in collaboration with the Universidad Autonoma Benito Juarez. The lack of a master plan integrating the pre-existing buildings led to the project being designed as a large garden rather than just another building. At the same time, the building under construction on the campus were producing huge amounts of earth. These contingent factors suggested raising a bank of earth to provide the isolation necessary for an art school. Due to calendar and budgetary issues, the school was planned in three stages. The first two have already been built, giving form to what’s become known as “the crater”, which defines its perimeter with regard to the rest of the campus. Continue reading

Tropical Luxury + Green Living = Lofted Seaside Solar Home

It is a stroke of pure genius – and will keep its residence from having heat stroke as well. Lofted living and bedroom spaces, swooping architectural swimming pool and roofline curves – everything about this place speaks to casual, resort-like luxury … which makes the semi-secret sustainable wind, solar and green-roof strategies built into the project by Guz Architects in Singapore all the more impressive.

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Gorgeous green walls: The next big thing in green building design

We now hear about green roofs, and even see some being used in Mauritius. A similar design concept is to create “green walls”. See this article for more information and to see the benefits of green walls: