Global highlights of 2010’s significant weather and climate events

Whilst several countries around the world were ravaged by drought, 2010 still broke the record for the wettest year, with highest average rainfall values worldwide since 1900. It has been an exceptionally rainy year, as we saw record-breaking deluges in Central America, India, southwestern China, eastern Asia, Borneo, and parts of Australia.

A few of the most extreme events were:
– The worst flooding in Pakistan since 1929,
– The worst flooding in Southwestern France since 1827;
– The worst flooding in Israel, Egypt and Kenya in more than a decade;
– Mexico’s wettest July since 1941…

We all wonder why we are seeing these intense swings in weather patterns. Some have speculated that global warming is to blame, while others disagree. Nevertheless, in spite of all our great achievements, we have to admit we are all pretty helpless when Mother Nature decides to let go…

You can read more about the global analysis of the significant weather and climate events of 2010 on the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (National Climatic Data Center) at the page below: